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Specializing in oil paintings of wildlife from Africa and India, Tony Forrest is a wildlife artist with a deep passion for animals and the natural world.

“I have had a deep passion for wildlife for as long as I can remember.  Reading books about wildlife and art when I was at primary school.  Now the two have come together and as an artist there is real excitement when I come home from Africa and look at my new material.”  

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I have been travelling to Africa and painting wildlife for many years and it never ceases to grab my heart as soon as I arrive and step into the bush.  There is a certain light that I have never seen anywhere else. Africa is a very special place and the many wildlife reserves are the last sanctuary for many of the animals that I paint.  I feel privileged to have seen so many wonderful places and it is amazing to sit painting at my

easel thinking that the leopard I am painting today is the very same animal that I spent quality time with in the African bush just a few days earlier.  This is what being a wildlife artist is all about - thoroughly engaging with my subject.  I hope that it continues for many more years to come and that the animals I paint today will still be there for others to see tomorrow.

Tony Forrest

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